Yoga Meditation 1    

6:30 - 8pm October 19th through nov 30th 2016 (this is a 6 week corse at Sandberg Learning Center. 2400 Sandberg Lane, Golden Valley Mn  Register Now call 763-504-6993 or

YOGA Meditation 11

early winter call Sandberg


Unlimited Breath & Conscious Creation   

 Individual course   call Patrick 612-508-1931 

  Unlimited Breath can calm,relax, de-stress and heal yourself of past traumas and emotions stored in your subcoscious mind, and change the way you live your life.  

 Various traumas, habits, and your limiting thoughts alter the way you breath naturally, inceased oxygen releases blockages in the subconscious, Breath is the bridge to the subconscious, therefore it's one of the greatest healers

 Conscious Creation is choosing to manifest what you want by using your thoughts to create. Permanent change comes from awareness and consciously choosing to change the thoughts (programs) that don’t work for you.

   Coarse Goals

  1. How two easy and accessible tools (your Breath and your thinking) can empower you.
  2. To Be present
  3. To feel on
  4. To have success
  5. To feel alive and healthy
  6. To be a contribution

 Breath is our most vital source of energy, breath is considered to be the key not only to good health but stability of mind.

Diaphragmatic breathing, contrary to chest breathing, activates the parasympathetic nervous system and contributes to a state of relaxation. By learning to systematically retrain negative breathing patterns, one can eliminate a major source of tension and disease. By learning breath tecqnics you can calm your mind and experance different states of being.





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