Breathing is the most important thing we do, how much time do you think about it?   It could change your life

Could you change your life if you paid more attention to it? Here are some interesting facts: About 60% of our energy comes from our breath, over 70% of our body's toxins are released through our breath, breathing  habits affect our emotions, attutudes, personality, and even our thoughts, we live our life exactly the way we breathe,   learning different breathing techniques such as Unlimited Breath we can calm, relax, de-ress, heal ourselves of past traumas and emotions stored in our body, hidden in our subconcious mind and change the way we live our lives.

If you feel stuck, aren't getting what you want and are interested in an introductory session please call.

How can Unlimited Breath change your life? I learned about Unlimited Breath in 1996 when a good friend and yoga partner told me that I had to try it. "It changed her life," she said. As I had interest in self-exploration, I chose to do ten sessions and discovered how I was the one who created anger and pain in my life. I learned that by focusing on my breath I could change how I view myself and my life, I could become more aware of self defeating thoughts and trapped emotions. You can't be aware of your breath and think at the same time. By focusing on your breath for a period of time your conscious mind dissipates revealing the subconscious with old hurts and trauma. I was so impressed with Unlimited Breath that I became a practitioner and now I'm helping people have a more conscious life. I'm doing what I love. Finding peace through improved breathing Thousands of years ago, yoga practitioners introduced breathing techniques that were designed to help find peace and good health. In the 1960s many people experienced "Rebirthing". Rebirthing was a powerful healing modality that also focused on breathing and healing. This work was perfected over the last few decades as Unlimited Breath, learning how to change the way we think about life and attend to our breath can affect our lives deeply. Unlimited Breath helps create gentle changes in our lives. It helps us focus and improve on our health, prosperity, dreams and careers.

"Inhalation" and "inspiration" have the same meanings in all languages. When you inhale you bring in more spirit - more life into your being. Breath also means "prana," " chi" or vital energy. When you breathe more or breathe better you can have more aliveness, more spirit and more energy. Change your breathing to conquer the traumas in your life We come into this life with a blank slate; the first five years, however, creates traumas that leave impressions, create psychological loops and patterns that will keep coming around until its completed or healed. Our life decisions are often based on how we were conceived, our time in the womb, how we were born and our first breath. While I was doing an Unlimited Breath session, I experienced being in an incubator after my birth. I felt abandoned and realized that this defined how I related to women who love and then leave me. Unlimited Breath helped me re-program my thinking. It changed my relationships with women. Now I am working on more intimacy, not fearful of losing love and affection. There is a saying - "A trauma not healed repeats itself." Traumas, habits and suggestions contribute to our limitations. They alter the way we breathe which in turn affects how we consider our lives. Increased oxygen (increased consciousness) releases the blockages in the subconscious mind, bringing them to consciousness. Breath is the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious and is one of our greatest healers. We are like computers; the monitor is the life in front of us, the program is our mind. If we don't like the program we must change our mind. It's really easy to change our minds. Unlimited Breath changes our programming for the better. De-stress your life.

During one session of Unlimited Breath I experienced why I believed that I was never enough, with work, with play, with life. I never did enough - I was always focused on something. I couldn't relax; there was always something that needed doing, at work, on the playing field, in relationships, in all aspects of my life. I saw how hard I had to work because I couldn't stand feeling that I hadn't done "enough." I was a workaholic. My thoughts created my reality, so what I was creating was,"more not enough." I had to change and Unlimited Breath gave me the tools to do this. It helped me understand what was important in my life - which constantly "doing something" was not that important. With Unlimited Breath I learned how to be. To be calm, to relax, to de-stress, to heal myself of past traumas and emotions that were stored in my body and hidden in my subconscious. I've learned through my practice with hundreds of clients that Unlimited Breath can do this for everyone. Unlimited breath can change the way we live our lives forever.

As one of my clients Susan Hartmen says
"I was referred to Patrick by my chiropractor; my original complaint was back and neck pain, it's basically gone. I am no longer desperate but delighted. I had no idea Unlimited Breath could be so transformational. Patrick provides a safe, comfortable environment for change. I am pleased and quite amazed at my outcome each week. I drive home more upright, engaged and energized. My life is better and more real. My relationships have taken on a clarity and possibility that's exciting. I am grateful for this opporitunity."

For more information on Unlimited Breath:

Call Patrick Weseman at The Healing Arts  612-508-1931


Unlimited Breath Testimonials

I started Patricks' Breathwork program around March 2011. It was an experience that changed my life. Breathwork allowed me to take major steps to becoming the person I want to be: stress-free, fearless, focused, and more joyful. I believed in the program because it made sense: first identify the changes and barriers in your life and how to overcome them. Then use Breathwork to solidify those changes internally.

I wanted to see tangible results of this program. I remembered that before I went to Patrick, I had visited a chiropractor for back pain. They had taken a Heart Rate Variability scan, which identifies your nervous system's reaction to stress. After I finished the Breathwork program, I went back to my chiropractor to take the test again. (Note: Between scans, I only had two chiropractic adjustments in January after the first scan. I had done little exercise, and used only Breathwork and Meditation for stress relief)

Results are below. The vertical axis is an overall score of how healthy my nervous system is. The horizontal axis labels my nervous system as more sympathetic or parasympathetic. The vertical movement means that

I cannot thank Patrick enough for the work he did with me. He was extremely easy to work with and I trust him and his methods. I would highly recommend anyone to learn from such a great human being  alex Bernier

the overall effectiveness of my nervous system increased by almost 14 points (almost 20%). Regarding the horizontal movement, I was told that engaging the sympathetic system tends to be normal for business owners because they are consistenly engaged in activities that raise the heart rate throughout the day.
Dear Patrick,
I will testify that it is indeed transforming and that it was pivotal in several monumental changes in my life that I am still expanding into! Loren

"Thank you for your wise and caring work. I appreciate so much what I am uncovering in my sessions with you. And also, how your wise counsel has shed light on things in a way I had never had the change to see before." Nancy Vest

"Dear Patrick,

Prior to the Unlimited Breath Sessions with you, my life was very stress-filled. I'd living crisis to crisis, until I finally lost all motivation. During this time, I had reached a level of depression I'd never known. Unlimited Breath changed that for me.

Unlimited Breath soothed my frazzled nerves. Each session brought more peace into my life. Over time, I began to set realistic daily objectives and long term goals. Before the ten sessions were complete, I made decisions that have changed my life. I hired people to organize my home so it is easier to maintain. I joined a gym and began excersizing regularly. Most importantly, I joined an eating disorders support group. These accomplishments are only possible because the Unlimited Breath sessions brought me such peace, confidence and motivation.

Thank you very much."  C. Cole


Unlimited Journey, My Personal Experience At The Healing Arts with Patrick

 At this moment I am sitting at home unbelievably relaxed. I am experiencing a kind of profound state of peace and comfort that starts deep in my body and spreads to encompass my often harried mind. I feel confident about my future and I am touched by the awareness that I have changed; that life makes more sense to me now. And that although it will never be without it's ups and downs, life after all is that sort of ride, that I have never been more sure that I have the inner resources to handle what comes. Even better, I am anticipating a whole lot of good.

For someone who had the double whammy of being diagnosed with an incurable chronic, degenerative disease, along with a serious chronic pain condition this is nothing short of miracle.

How did I get to this point- coming from a state of daily physical discomfort and non-stop fear? Well, I just got home from my 9th Unlimited Breath Session, and even if you are as big of a skeptic as I was, this might also be the miracle you've been waiting for.

I began going to Patrick Weseman, owner of The Healing Arts, about two months ago. At the time it appeared to be a fluke that I ever got started participating in his Unlimited Breath sessions. I had had a serious and life shattering medical diagnosis for a couple years by then, and in an effort to try and reduce chronic, daily pain along with my ongoing fear and tension, I had forced myself to take an introductory yoga class where Patrick was the instructor. One day he casually greeted me and said, "How are you?" For some reason I actually told him the truth. I was feeling sore and achy and weak and scared, and I had tears in my eyes by the time I got finished saying so.

His simple reply was. "You don't have to feel that way." My heart leapt with hope while at the same time my mind closed down hard- BANG! You see I wasn't nave. I was a successful, professional woman prior to my diagnosis. I was in my late 40's and I'd seen plenty of life. I was and am what some marketers call "the vigilante consumer," I'm suspicious- and I've heard plenty of pitches. Ok, so his simple statement wasn't a pitch, but his response was so very different from the usual one, which normally began with a look of uncomfortable sympathy and then headed south from there.

Was it simple desperation? Or perhaps something greater and better that drew me towards this wiry, energetic, and enthusiastic man. I decided to go for an introductory session, telling myself that if it was not a valuable experience, (What I really told myself was that if this Unlimited Breath was a rip off) that basically, all I would've lost was the price of one nice dinner out. I could live with that.

This was the beginning of my healing journey. And this is where it gets harder to talk about my experience. For me this has been a truly profound experience, and it isn't over yet. I don't really have the words to describe it. I have read an Unlimited Breath brochure and I am almost glad I didn't see it before I started my sessions. To me, it seems to almost trivialize the work that Patrick does.

My own clumsy description is this: His sessions include enlightening exercises and dialog that led me to some remarkable personal epiphanies, coupled with a unique breathing technique that allowed me to bypass the normal blocks of my conscious mind so I could get to some hidden issues, while also infusing my body with healing oxygen.( Whew!) The combined result has been some life altering realizations along with an energizing and healing of my body's cells. I know it sounds a bit esoteric, and I am sure that results are highly individual. As with any true learning, you have to be ready. But if you are genuinely willing to understand your negative life patterns, patterns that may contribute to you being sick, then you are a good candidate for this work.

Unlimited Breath under the auspices of Patrick Weseman isn't for sissies. If you are looking for someone to validate your every action and thought, then you've come to the wrong man. And if you aren't ready to feel better than don't waste his time. He's passionate about his work! But if you are really ready to understand the message your particular problem has for you, yes, the gift that it holds for you, then you are ready for a remarkable journey with a remarkable teacher.

Patrick brings over 30 years of study with Spiritual Masters from India and combines this intensely rich background with the Unlimited Breath technique to offer something I have found to be life changing. And I know what I am talking about. I intimately understand the feelings of helplessness and despondency when traditional doctors tell you that you have no hope of even the slightest degree of recovery.

Is everything perfect for me? Of course not. But every single day I wake up excited for the new day, and grateful for what I am able to do and experience. Moment by moment I am aware that I continue to be blessed my work with Patrick, along with many other good things in my life. I am thrilled to say that I am experiencing increased health and personal well-being, and no matter where you find it, I wish you the same with all my heart.

Nan J. Vest









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