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Patrick received his certification as a yoga teacher from the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science in 1972. Since that time, his journey has lead him to the natural holistic healing and wellness approaches, including meditation and Ayurveda. He continues his explorations and teaching of yoga, is certified as an Unlimited Body and an Unlimited Breath Practitioner and is a trusted consultant to massage practitioners, health spas and healing centers throughout the U.S. 

From an invitation from Swami Veda Bharati, Patrick traveled to Rishikesh India in 2007, with 200 people from around the world Patrick helped in creating AHYMSIN the Association of Himalayan yoga Meditation Societies International and is one of the directors of the Americas branch.

Beyond his depth of experience, Patrick brings, through his consultations, classes and private sessions, a sincere desire to share with all who co-journey with him in experience self-knowledge, joy and peace.

He welcomes you to join him in the Healing Arts at his office in Minnetonka and at wellness centers around the metro




Yoga is the oldest science known to man. The word Yoga means to yoke or to join; it's called the mystic union. The yoke, that which connects our body and our mind is the breath. It's the most important thing we do but how often are we really aware of it? How can we enjoy each breath, each moment fully? Observation!

Over 30 years ago I met Swami Rama a yoga master from the Himalayas. That meeting changed my life. He taught an authentic Himalayan Yoga and a easy and systematic way to start doing yoga. These beginning yoga exercise focus on the joints and glands they are very simple but deep and powerful, and an excellent way to improve your body and mind.

Our bodies suffer when we're not paying attention to it. In Yoga we bring our attention and energy to parts of our body that we have forgotten. There is no need to do complicated postures, you can get all the benefits you need from simple postures done mindfully with the breath. When we breathe into a posture we stretch until we feel resistance, then stop. Where our mind is, so is our energy. When we bring our mind, energy and breath to that which offers the most resistance, we're able to relax into the posture allowing the breath to move the body. When we bring movement and awareness to our muscles, joints and glands they're gradually strengthened, improving circulation and posture. This makes the body more supple and flexible, enabling us to hold our body in a more comfortable and natural way, bringing more aliveness into our being. At the end of a yoga session you should feel relaxed and energized.

The word Hatha yoga literally means the flow of breath through the right and left nostrils. Ha the right nostril, Tha the left. Ha is solar, male, active Tha the female, passive, relaxed. We already have a lot of Ha, (active, hot, male) in our lives. This is why I focus on the Tha aspect of Hatha yoga, to help bring balance into our active lives. When we are balanced, relaxed and conscious of our breath, we calm down the drunken monkey of our mind and feel more joy.



The Philosophy of Healing Arts Yoga
By Patrick Weseman





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