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We use the ancient and modern techniques for Health and Healing to help you bring balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. We have classes, workshops, and personal consultations. We offer books and products that help you perpetuate wellness, improve your life and help you remove blocks so you can move forward to a more enriched being.


This GentleAuthentic Himalayan Yoga course is designed for everyone who wants to start yoga but wants to do it with ease. Starting with simple movements (joints & glands) moving to stretching postures, using a systematic approach to breathing and relaxation will leave you relaxed, yet energized.  You will learn techniques particularly useful for relieving stress, reducing the effects of physical illness, improving flexibility and concentration. You will also learn the history and philosophy of a   5000 year old science that adds muscular strength and self observation that leads to personal harmony.

 Patrick Weseman received his certification as a yoga teacher from the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science in 1972. Since that time his journey has lead him to the study and practice of various natural holistic healing and wellness approaches, including Meditation and Ayurveda. Patrick is certified as an Unlimited Body and Unlimited Breath Practitioner... From an invitation from Swami Veda Bharati, Patrick traveled to Rishikesh India in 2007, working with 200 people from around the world patrick helped create AHYMSIN, the Association of Himalayan yoga Meditation Societies Int.


To learn more about Patricks teachers go to: Swami Veda Bharati's World Wide Mission

.                                                                                        http://www.swamiramaofthehimalayas.org/


Stretch Your Mind And Body With DVDs and CDs From Our Store

Joints, Glands and Breath  Easy Yoga DVD

"The Very, Very Beginning of Yoga"
by Patrick Weseman $14.95

Yoga brings balance to our active lives. When we are balanced, relaxed and conscious of our breath, we calm down the "monkey of our mind" and feel more joy.

With this Easy Yoga DVD, there is no need to do complicated postures; you can get all the benefits you need from simple postures, while breathing mindfully.

For secure online ordering of this DVD please visit: kunaki.com/msales.asp

Relaxation Exercises & Breath  CD

"Calm your body, mind and spirit!"
by Patrick Weseman $11.95

This relaxation exercise is 13 minutes of breath awareness and relaxation. We start with relaxation at the top of the head and go through the body to the toes and back, then count our breaths for centering and relaxation.

For secure online ordering of this CD please visit: kunaki.com/msales.asp

Meditate With The Himalayan Masters                                          5 CD Program  price $97.00

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